Watching Butterflies 5"x7"

Watching Butterflies 5"x7"

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5"x7" Aluminum print with the new laser cut back.  This makes it able to hang or sit. 

They are signed and titled.

To hang it pull out the top, and slowly pull out the bottom to the equal amount, it'll stand off the wall about 1/2"-3/4" and give the piece dimension.  They don't need a frame so a small nail will make a quick job on the install.   They're great for small places and look great in groupings of all your favorite ones.  To set it on a desk or shelf simply pull out the bottom a few inches, I wanted them to look amazing on a desk where the back can be seen also.   

They're glossy and durable, waterproof and can always be wiped down with a soft cloth.   I guarantee for them to arrive safe and in perfect condition & that you're always 100% happy with them.