Baby Rico

 Baby Rico is about a one-month-old male Costa's.  He's at a point in life where his mother said "okay, go it's time to be on your own"   He's curious and learning about all things around him and just how big the world really is.  For 3 or 4 days he never ventured away from this little spot above the penstemon flowers.  He had food below and protection above while perched in the middle of bamboo and sugar cane plants.

This original painting is 18"x24" and 1.75" in depth. All done in oils on wood. Painted on the edges so it doesn't need a frame (one can be made). It has a clear coat for extra protection and is wired on the back and ready to hang. 

All originals are signed on the front. The back of the painting has a signature and date along with the provenance of the piece. 

Originals are packed in a custom made box and insured and shipped using the safest method. Guaranteed to arrive safe, 100 percent no matter what. 

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